My Favorite Smoothie!

Hey guys!

Here is the recipe to my absolute FAVORITE smoothie! I enjoy this smoothie many a morning and especially after a workout. It’s quick, simple + easy!

(4-6 med-lrg)  Frozen Strawberries
3/4 c. Frozen Blueberries
(1) Honey Chobani Greek yogurt
6 oz. Vita Coco Coconut water
4 oz. h2o
Measure out the amount of berries, water + coconut water needed. Then, drop berries into the blender (TURNED OFF), spoon in the yogurt + pour in half the amount of the waters. Place the lid firmly atop the blender and start on a LOW blend, then increasing, until as smooth as possible. Pour into your glass, bottle or container of choice.
Cheeky, aren’t they?
Pour it up, pour it up…
I have completely jumped on the bandwagon and I LOVE Mason Jars! If I don’t have a mason jar handy I also love to use my LifeProof water bottle. Enjoy!


Now, to enjoy some relaxation, by watching Tanya Burr’s “February Favorites” video! I often like to have my smoothie with almonds…OH, HOW I LOVE ALMONDS!
P.S.: This smoothy is delightful in similar flavor variations, such as, choosing different berries, swapping coconut or vanilla yogurt instead of honey or even adding in some greens! I find that baby spinach or kale pairs very well with the other ingredients.

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