My Saturday Morning!

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

It’s a beautiful day here in Maryland, finally getting some relief from the snow. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I’m sure if you live on the East Coast you’re probably had it up to here with snow! I’m so ready for spring, I’m a spring baby. My birthdays in April, I’ve always look forward to spring and fall, those are my two favorite seasons. But after winter like this I just miss the warmth, I look forward to the warmth that summer will bring and nice long days outside in the sun.
Lately, it’s been so cold that it hasn’t been practical to workout outside, but that was not the case today. To my surprise it’s sunning and 59 degrees outside, WINNING! 
I am a FFK (former fat kid) who has lived a major lifestyle change for many years now. I enjoying health + wellness, through a passion for food and being an active individual! About a year ago, I started jogging…just jogging not RUNNING. I am not a runner. Do I aspire to be a runner…yes, of course! But in reality I am not a runner and for now I’m okay with that. With the beautiful day that lay ahead of me I decided to start my day with a little exercise! 
So, I pulled out my gear, got my running shoes, a workout partner and hit the trails! 
This dashing physically fit human is…mi Padre! You can follow his amazing new blog:
Got my “workout playlist” on shuffle + blasting!
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G

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