Sunday Morning Ritual

Hey guys, happy Sunday!

If you all haven’t guessed all ready, I am very close with my family! But, today I wanted to share with you all a tradition that I’ve done every Sunday, for about the last three years. My dad and I wake up early, I sit and read while the sun comes into my window (or, i often write poetry or reflect on my feelings and “gage myself”) and he watches his morning news shows, if he doesn’t attend church. After my chapters are read and his new shows are complete, we headed off for coffee! Coffee is kinda like a really big deal to me, it’s a big deal to my dad and I. As I grew older and my relationship with my parents changed from parent to child, to parent and adult “child”.  I began to have these lovely relationships, with a great depth and  mature point of view. I developed a respect for the people they are, outside of being my parents. As for coffee, it  was the first thing we started truly bonding over, as the shift of becoming two adult friends, while being father + daughter. 
I started my morning with Sarah Addision Allen’s lovely literary tale!
That particular Sunday we were accompanied with our family friend, Steven. He is a Maryland transplant by way of Florida, he his an intelligent and kind guy, who loves creating + experiencing artistic self expression. 
My dad and I, discuss everything from our dreams + aspirations, to future plans, to forms of artistic expression, education, relationships (more rather me talking his ears off about my situations) and of course FOOD! So to my Dad’s supportive reluctance I brought along my camera (really my lovely sister-in-laws who is nice enough to let me use it…lol)
Here’s a look at our morning:
Our community + charity board
Being a proud grand-dad and showing off the “princess”!
“The Boys”
We were even joined by our county’s finest…we all know they need their coffee, too! I asked to take his photo and he obligaged, his name was Christian. He was nice, so thank you. 
Now, home to plan for the week and work on the old blog!
P.S.: My go-to drink is a (hot) Grande Non-fat Cafe Misto. What’s yours?

P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G

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