“Wednesday’s with WinniE’s”

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday!

I thought I would share another piece of myself here on my blog. Did I tell you guys that I own a baking business?! It’s called WinniE’s Bakery. In case you’re wondering why WinniE’s, it is in honor of my grandmother Winifred, who passed in 2004. She was lovely, kind, captivating and authentic! She owned a catering and event planning business. She taught me almost everything I know about baking and I will always hold those memories close to my heart and unforgotten in my mind. WinniE’s Bakery specializes in edible floral infusion, traditional baking, diabetic friendly and Celiac/Gluten-Free sensitive baking. Everything is made from my original recipes. WinniE’s Bakery is sweet, delicious and unique!
Anyway, I thought I would share whatever’s happening with WinniE’s here on the blog on Wednesdays. Let’s get super cheeky… And call it…

“Wednesdays with WinniE’s”

Today we “TEST” baked my “Banana cupcakes w/ Nutella Marshmallow Buttercream topped w/ Crushed Dried Banana”

Hope you guys like it!


Alomst done!



Photo cred. to: My lovely and talented sister-in-law Heidi!

P.S.: They taste delectable! I’ve adjusted the buttercream recipe, to make for a smoother texture. See you next Wednesday!

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