Wednesday’s with WinniE’s! (April 23rd.)

Hey guys, happy Wednesday!

It’s another great day at WinniE’s Bakery! Today we ‘TEST’ baked Lemon Coconut Cream cupcakes. There are elements of citrus, tropical flavors of the coconut and they scream SPRING! I couldn’t be more delighted with how they turned out, full completion of concept to reality! There are big changes happening at WinniE’s Bakery, definitely for the better! I decided to make this the newest edition to our ‘Spring Specials”.
Here’s a look out how they turned out…




A little zest is always better!


All gone.


All done…now to cool! Now onto BUTTERCREAM!


Buttery smooth.


These cupcakes just need a little…something


Finished and lovely!

I look forward to sharing next Wednesday with you guys! Until then…


P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G


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