Birthday Happenings & Family

Hey guys, happy Tuesday!

I wanted to do a quick post showing you guys what I did on my actual birthday. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to spend the day with my whole family. My mom, dad, both my brothers, sister-in-law and both my niece and nephew; plus my dad’s side of the family. I started my day off with my brother David, who’s birthday is TOMORROW, coincidently! He will be 26, poor guy…he’s becoming an old man! Anyway, I told him all I wanted for my birthday was to hangout with him, which is hard being we are both very busy and he has his own family. So, he surprised me with one of the best gifts he could have ever gotten me (short of another niece or nephew)…We. Went. Go Cart Racing! We had the entire place to ourselves…well his co-workers were there…lol! I just wanted to have fun on my birthday and I DID! After racing, I came home to find DELICIOUS Gluten-free Belgium Waffles…WAFFLES! My dad ironically, makes the BEST GLUTEN FREE WAFFLES!!! Which baffles me concsidering the man needs to be coaxed into eating Gluten-free food. Then, me and my dad’s went for our standing “Sunday Morning Coffee”. Next, the fam went to my Nana’s house and we rounded out the evening at my eldest brother’s house. My day was busy and lovely and I couldn’t be more grateful for the blessings in my life, both my angels at my side and in the sky!
Here’s a look at my day…
Autobahn Indoor Speedway:
I’ll be standing in 1st place on that podium!
brother on the right…”working”
my safety video…which I couldn’t believe he made me watch, but he was about business.
Trying so hard and failing at not laughing.
Geared-up and ready to go!
Dynamic duo!
Coffee with Dad:
My fave…Venti Iced coffee w/ Non-fat milk and they told me “Happy Birthday!”
Birthday Waffles:
Corey’s House:
We couldn’t find Dad and Dave was working.
Thank so much you guys, I hope you enjoyed sharing in my birthday with me.
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G



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