Wednesday’s with WinniE’s! (May 7th)

Hey everybody, happy Wednesday…NOT!

Yes, I do realize it’s Friday. I have unfortunately, for one reason or another, been unable to get a WinniE’s post up on time for the past few weeks. Which, really, really eerks me! I love my blog, I love the support of you all and I try really hard to share interesting, personal, authentic, positive, genunie, deliciously different and utterly delectable post. Anyway, things have been CRAZY at WinniE’s Bakery, for those of you who don’t already know, this week is “National Nurse’s Week”. This is a very special week for me because, not only is my mother a nurse, and my sister-in-law soon to attend nursing school (her mother is nurse as well), but I spent a great deal of my life growing up in the hospital. I suffer from a couple significant medical conditions, but that has never stop me! You want to know why, (aside from the love and support of my family and friends) I have a secret weapon…my MOM!!! In my eyes, I believe there is no great advocate, voice of reason and beacon of insight than to have a nurse on your side…but I am so obviously bias. So, this week WinniE’s Bakery was comissioned for an order for some of the nurses at Children’s National Medical Center, in Washington DC. 

I fought through tehnical difficulty, after technical difficulty, after another, to share this post with you guys. Here is a small glimps into what went on in the bakery…


My lovely Aunt Nette bought this delicate and stunning tea cup/coffee mug, as my birthday present! It’s so pretty it took me about 2 weeks to decide if I wanted to drink from it or just keep it as a novelty piece.


A good place to start.


The start of a little caramel…just bubbling away!


The order consisted of the flavors, “Lemon Coconut Creme”, “Red Velvet w/ Vanilla Cream Cheese Buttercream” and “Triple Chocolate w/ Salted Caramel Buttercream”


All packaged up and ready for delivery!

I hope you all liked this Wednesday’s with WinniE’s post! Until next time…


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