Bio: Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog, I aspire to share with you different aspect of my life and the things the interest me. I have four major passions in life, my family + friends, all things food (from cooking, to baking, to more artisinal endeavors such as, making my own cheese...oh how exciting!), artistic aspirations (like poetry, performing and writing stories) and lastly, discovering the most authentic and sincere way to not only live life but savor every moment of my time here! I descided to start this blog because I found myself being inspired by others with blogs or vlogs. I thought what a interesting way to communicate and share parts of yourself on your own terms, while connecting with others whom you share some commonality with. I look forward taking this journey with you all and I hope to learn, grow and maybe even find a hidden piece of myself I otherwise wouldn't have own with out this blog! So, I hope you all enjoy this blog of mine and let's do this!

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