Wednesday’s with WinniE’s (May 6th…from somewhere SPECIAL!)

Hey guys! This week I am writing my blog post from the most charming, bohemian and local coffee shop. It’s located smack dab in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. The name of the coffee shop is MOJO, but more about them in next weeks post. This week I want to share with you all the newest creation in the WinniE’s Bakery “test kitchen”! I made a 6inch round, 3 layer, triple chocolate cake with Salted Caramel buttercream for my sister-in-law (Heidi’s) bridal shower. I had so much fun making this little confection for her. It’s been wonderful, restoring and healing for my spirit to be back in the kitchen, just baking and cooking whatever my little heart and the crazy imagination in my head throw together. I was deeply influenced by the blossoming of the buds on the trees and wild flowers dancing in grass. So, here is how the cake turned out…


floral elements


and now for the finished product…eek!


I kept with the theme and harmony my brother and Heidi are striving to cultivate into their upcoming nuptials. Heidi’s wedding shower was lovely and thoughtful, with her closest and oldest family and friends there to celebrate with her. It’s an anxious count-down until the wedding. I have had Heidi in my life for 10 years and apart of my family for about 7 (reaching 8 years). I couldn’t be more thrilled for it (their marriage) to be officially documented and celebrate before the people who matter most to them! Until next week!

P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G !

I’m Back…Wednesday’s with WinniE’s ( May 29th)

Hello everyone! I couldn’t be happier to be back, here with you all and sharing the time I spend developing and creating new recipes or designs for cakes, cupcake and more! Today in the WinniE’s Bakery “test kitchen” something incredibly personal is going on. I know I mentioned before, but my brother David and his fiancée Heidi are getting married. And, you may ask, who might be the lucky one doing the wedding cake? You guessed it, me…eek! So today, I will show the “demo cake”. A “demo cake” or “concept cake”, essentially is an idea that puts to form the design you conceptualize between your client and yourself. Whatever is agreed-upon, can then be displayed through the medium of a styrofoam cake. I absolutely love doing a “demo cake”! The key inspirations for Heidi’s demo cake: rustic, simplistic, small, floral accents (white roses and sunflowers) and all buttercream. All of my favorite things to have in a cake! So here’s a look and how it turned out…
and after…
DSC_0040IMG_2212Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
This is the finished product. I couldn’t have more excited to be back at trying to create beautiful baked goods. And Heidi was so excited to have a chance to see how the concept we had been discussing and tweeking looked. That way she would feel calm, confident and completely at peace with her desicion to have this style of cake at one of the most important days of her life!
Thanks again guys, see you next week for “Wednesday’s with WinniE’s”! By the way, if you want to follow the happenings of my bakery between each week “Wednesday’s with WinniE’s” you can follow our bakery on Instagram @winniesbakery. Be well!
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G !

Wednesday’s with WinniE’s! (April 16th)


Hey guys, happy Wednesday, not! Happy Friday, who’s ready for the weekend?! I AM…but maybe that’s because it’s my birthday on Sunday…yay! I am not usually excited for my birthday (always grateful) but, this year feels different!

So sorry to be getting the “Wednesday’s with WinniE’s” post up so late, but this week conspired against me, in a good way! Honestly, this week has been fantastic, and I truly couldn’t be more grateful for what I’ve been able to do. But, I’ll be sure to fill you in about that a little later. So look forward to hearing and seeing all about that in my next post!
For this weeks, “Wednesday’s with WinniE’s” I ‘TEST’ baked a concept completely developed by my brother, David, he came up with the flavor profiles and said, “Lise’, can you do this?” and of course I answered, “Yeah!”. The concept is a strawberry infused cupcake with lemon scented cream cheese buttercream. So I said, “Let’s do it!” and I did it!
Here is a look at how they turned out…
This is how it all started!
“I’m holding a heart, in my hand, hey, hey, hey” by Toby Lightman- Girl Named Toby We Are…cheeky!
Ready for the oven…
A little music while I wait.
Hot and fresh out of the oven! Now, on to the buttercream!
I am so thrilled that “Sir David” loved the delectable, edible, confection we created to together! We always have been a GREAT team, “Dynamic Duo” from day one! We will be collaborating again very soon! But for now, one more photo!
I truly hoped you all enjoyed! For any business inquiries about WinniE’s Bakery, shoot us an email Until next WEDNESDAY…
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G


Wednesday with WinniE’s!

             Today in my kitchen I was looking through recipe idea’s I put together and came across this…”Bacon cupcakes w/ Banana Buttercream topped w/ Peanut Butter drizzle + Chocolate Ganache” I couldn’t think of a better recipe to ‘TEST’ bake; in WinniE’s Bakery kitchen, today.

             When it comes to recipes, I draw inspiration from everywhere. I could eat something that I cooked myself or had a restaurant, I could think of something that my Nana used to make for me when I was a child or I could see something on TV; it really can come from anywhere at any time. I always try keep my notebook with me. As of right now, I am deeply inspired by everything that’s happening around me, that’s the magic of SPRING! It’s rebirth, regrowth and renewal, I am so grateful for spring. Remember now, I am in April baby. So, currently I’m writing about 1-2 recipes everyday, sometimes even 3. I hope I didn’t just jinx it! 

      Here’s a look at the adventure that happened today in the kitchen… I hope you guys like it!
Chopped up, crispy, goodness!
Coming together…
As you can see, I had some over-batch.
Now to cool.
On to some homemade genache
Working it…until it’s smooth!
Simple begginings for the peanut butter sauce
Now for the BUTTERCREAM!!!
These turned out divine and I am so happy with the balance of the flavor combos! If you’d like to order these delectable morsels, just email: YOU WON’T BE SORRY! Until, next Wednesday.
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G

My From-Scratch “Honey Coconut Pancakes w/ Raspberry Syrup”

Hello everyone, happy Monday! Here in Maryland we are having snow, about 5-10 inches, depending on where you live.


Even though I plan to have my more indulgent recipes on either Friday or Saturday, I decided what the hell it’s a snow day, let’s have PANCAKES! I am a big believer in the 80/20 rule, the 80/20 rule is 80% conscious healthy living and the 20% is living life and enjoying whatever that is. So, although most of my blogs recipes will be very health-conscious + figure friendly, a small portion will be delicious, indulgent + absolutely delectable recipes! So here is one of both me + my family’s  favorites: Honey Coconut Pancakes w/ Raspberry Syrup!

Raspberry Syrup:
2 c. Fresh or Frozen raspberries
1 c. Raw cane sugar
3/4 c. Water
Mottle the raspberries (if frozen allow to thaw). Then place in a sauce pan over MED heat, stirring in the water + sugar. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to LOW, stirring occasionally. Allow to soft boil/simmer, for 14-16min, until reduced + thickened. When finished set aside to cool for about 20mins prior to making the pancakes. Drizzle atop your “Honey Coconut Panckes” and ENJOY!
Honey Coconut Pancakes:

2 c. All purpose flour (or whatever Gluten-Free flour of you choose..we like Pamela’s!)
2 1/4 tsp. Baking powder
1/2 tsp. Baking soda
1/2 tsp. Sea salt
1 tsbp. Raw Cane sugar
2 eggs (at room temp. is best)
1 c. Coconut milk (canned)
1 c. Milk (whole or 2% is best)
1/4 c. Unsalted butter (melted)
1/4 c. Clover honey
1 c. Unsweetened Coconut shavings
In a med. bowl measure and combine all the dry ingredients. Mix well using a whisk. Set aside.
Over medium-low heat, in a small pan melt the butter. Set aside to cool for at least 5minutes.
In a large bowl stir together both the coconut milk + the regular milk, melted butter + eggs until smoothly combine.  In two parts mix the dry ingredients into the wet. Mix until small lumps are visable, then gently incorporate the coconut shavings.
Grease a griddle pan w/ butter or coconut oil or use a non-stick pan. Then, over med-high heat or (400 degrees for electric), drop about 1/3 c. of batter (shape into circles as needed). Cook until air bubbles appear or for 2-3mins on each side.
This recipe is completely Gluten-free adaptable! We usually enjoy gluten-free, since my Mom has Celiac disease.
My niece got her very own special “Honey Coconut Pancakes” (her’s don’t have coconut shavings)
And she was pretty happy about it!!!
And here is the spread. I made some coffee, got some OJ and cooked some bacon…OH, SWEET HEAVENLY BACON! There you go, a delicious breakfast with the family…always a lovely combo!
Now go off and make this for yourself or whoever you choose to share it with! Enjoy lovelies and thank you for showing support or interest in my blog. And you know I would love it if you all would follow!
P.S.: If you’re making Gluten-free…here is a pic of the flour we use.
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G !