Wednesday’s with WinniE’s (May 6th…from somewhere SPECIAL!)

Hey guys! This week I am writing my blog post from the most charming, bohemian and local coffee shop. It’s located smack dab in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. The name of the coffee shop is MOJO, but more about them in next weeks post. This week I want to share with you all the newest creation in the WinniE’s Bakery “test kitchen”! I made a 6inch round, 3 layer, triple chocolate cake with Salted Caramel buttercream for my sister-in-law (Heidi’s) bridal shower. I had so much fun making this little confection for her. It’s been wonderful, restoring and healing for my spirit to be back in the kitchen, just baking and cooking whatever my little heart and the crazy imagination in my head throw together. I was deeply influenced by the blossoming of the buds on the trees and wild flowers dancing in grass. So, here is how the cake turned out…


floral elements


and now for the finished product…eek!


I kept with the theme and harmony my brother and Heidi are striving to cultivate into their upcoming nuptials. Heidi’s wedding shower was lovely and thoughtful, with her closest and oldest family and friends there to celebrate with her. It’s an anxious count-down until the wedding. I have had Heidi in my life for 10 years and apart of my family for about 7 (reaching 8 years). I couldn’t be more thrilled for it (their marriage) to be officially documented and celebrate before the people who matter most to them! Until next week!

P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G !

I’m Back…Wednesday’s with WinniE’s ( May 29th)

Hello everyone! I couldn’t be happier to be back, here with you all and sharing the time I spend developing and creating new recipes or designs for cakes, cupcake and more! Today in the WinniE’s Bakery “test kitchen” something incredibly personal is going on. I know I mentioned before, but my brother David and his fiancée Heidi are getting married. And, you may ask, who might be the lucky one doing the wedding cake? You guessed it, me…eek! So today, I will show the “demo cake”. A “demo cake” or “concept cake”, essentially is an idea that puts to form the design you conceptualize between your client and yourself. Whatever is agreed-upon, can then be displayed through the medium of a styrofoam cake. I absolutely love doing a “demo cake”! The key inspirations for Heidi’s demo cake: rustic, simplistic, small, floral accents (white roses and sunflowers) and all buttercream. All of my favorite things to have in a cake! So here’s a look and how it turned out…
and after…
DSC_0040IMG_2212Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
This is the finished product. I couldn’t have more excited to be back at trying to create beautiful baked goods. And Heidi was so excited to have a chance to see how the concept we had been discussing and tweeking looked. That way she would feel calm, confident and completely at peace with her desicion to have this style of cake at one of the most important days of her life!
Thanks again guys, see you next week for “Wednesday’s with WinniE’s”! By the way, if you want to follow the happenings of my bakery between each week “Wednesday’s with WinniE’s” you can follow our bakery on Instagram @winniesbakery. Be well!
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G !

All That’s Happened and the Healing Wonders of Sarah Addison Allen!

Sarah Addison Allen has done it again! I just finished reading her second most recent novel, “Lost Lake”. Most of you should know that my favorite author is Sarah Addison Allen, (i.e.: 50 facts about me post). But, I don’t believe you know just how much she’s meant to me and my journey through my recent years of life. I first discovered Sarah Addison Allen’s literary work in the summer of 2009. That was the summer I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, my official diagnosis was papillary carcinoma with follicular variant. That was one of the longest years of my life. From the FNA (that said I didn’t have cancer. What they didn’t know was they got a sample of a cystic nodule, that sat atop the cancer), the initial surgery, to the follow-up surgery (as they found out after the first surgery that I did in fact have cancer), radiation, a blood infection (due to a weakened immune system), going into a hypocalcemic episode and then justing to thyroid hormone replace therapy. It was a lot for me and my family to endure given my already complicated medical history. But honest to God, I can say one of the things that tied me back to myself was the wonderful stories told by Sarah Addison Allen. She gave me a unwavering sense of hope, faith in the extraordinarily ordinary everyday and reaffirmed my belief in the power of a great story!

I’ve read everything from “Garden Spells”, “Girl Who Chased the Moon”, “The Sugar Queen”, and “The Peach Keeper”. Each and every book unlocked a piece of myself I never knew I had or had neglected or had forgotten about. Ms. Allen has woven tale after tale of strong female characters, good and honorable men, the importance of friendship, a since of faith, community and beauty and magic that arises not only in nature but in the people that we encounter in life; who help us become who we are. I couldn’t be more grateful for Sarah Addison Allen or her talents as a storyteller. I honestly believe that she is a gift that I was given. And I know that many of her other fans will feel the same exact way!
“Lost Lake”, was exactly what I needed, and I didn’t even know it. At the end of each of Sarah Addison Allen’s books I part with such bittersweet sorrow. The feeling of saying goodbye to those characters after she make you fall in love with them is like no other feeling. I’ve never been in love and so the characters that resonated with me the most were, Devin and Lisette. Devin reminded me so much of myself as a child. She was mature and intuitive enough to know what was going on in the worlds of the adults around her. But, still very much a unique, free spirited and silly little girl. As for Lisette, I found small instances when I realized that was something I had either done or would have responded quite simularly. She was stubborn, was a skilled chef and baker and she was guarded and reluctant to love. There was such peace as I turned to the next page and the page after that, until it was finshed.
I very vaguely mentioned to you all a couple months ago the new medical issues I was dealing with. But, I was reluctant to give full details. I am so grateful for this blog. A part of me is so willing to open up different facets of myself and share them with you all, knowing that you’ll appreciate or understand those things about me. But, I’ve had a very different upbringing than most with my extensive medical issues. It’s made me guarded, I didn’t know how to share with you all everything that I’ve been going through. So here it is, I have something called a thymoma. A thymoma is a mass that grows within  or surrounding your thymus gland. It was discovered back in August, after returning from a trip to California. And since I’m being more open I might as well tell you that was the worst trip of my life. During that trip to California, the day after arriving I was notified that one of my dearest friends had been murdered. It was during a string of shootings in Baltimore, involving innocent bystanders. His name was Devin Cook.
This is Devin (last year at the lacrosse “Final Four”)
Devin was a wonderful, lively and passionate soul I met at school. He was only 20 years old. I only knew him a year and a half, but that was long enough to know 4 things for certain. 1. I loved him very much as a dear friend, 2. I will be forever grateful I ever had the chance to know him and call him my dear friend, 3. A part of me will miss him for the rest of my life and 4. His favorite song was “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. I decided to return home from California a week early, and I hadn’t been feeling well. I chalked it up to being depressed given what I just found out. But, upon my return I was experiencing sharp pains in my back that wouldn’t let up. My mom being the intuitive person and persistent nurse that she is decided I need to go to the hospital. They told me I had a kidney infection and that I needed to receive IV antibiotics. To diagnose the kidney infection they needed a CT scan and that’s how they discovered I had the mass in my chest. So, as heartbroken as I still am that I lost my dear friend Devin, every fiber of my being believes that it is because of him that I found out about my diagnosis. He saved me. These past months of receiving IVIG treatment to treat an associated illness called Mysthenia Gravis, that is commonly linked with thymoma have been tough and intense. At times I have felt lost and less than myself. But, I took time to rediscover everything that I had learned in the books of Sarah Addison Allen. I reread each that I own, so although I never lost faith, I found hope. I carried the books to doctors appointments, treatment sessions and fell asleep with them by my pillow. The meaning that I have gained from reading the books of Sarah Addison Allen stand at the apex of some of the greatest treasures of my life. I anxiously await the paperback release of her newest literary work, “First Frost”!! As I normally destroy a hardcover book…lol! I haven’t reached the end of the road on my newest journey, but I see it in sight! And I am going to reach it with grace, faith, hope and love from the support of family, friends and knowing I have the works of the Sarah Addison Allen to light my way!
Do yourself a favor and go purchase all of her literary works ASAP! Your heart, mind and soul will not only thank you for it but reward you in turn!
You can find info about the author herself and where you can find and purchase her books at:
Here’s some quick high points to update you on:
1. My brother and his love of 10 years, Heidi and the mother of my nieces Mia and Emi, are getting married!!!
2. I am doing the wedding cake…eek! And I am a bridesmaid…one life goal down, check!
3. I will be having the surgery to remove my thymoma the first week of June at University of Maryland Medical Center.
4. I turn 25 on April 20th. I am officially a quarter of a century old, oh how exciting…no REALLY!!!
5. I couldn’t be happier for the beginning of spring and the summer to come! So, look forward to lots of blogging!
6. I too am writing a full length novel. And although I expect nothing to come from it, it’s been one of the most therapeutic and glorious endeavors I’ve ever pursued.
7. I have now added to my “Happen List” to meet Sarah Addison Allen!!
8. Here some pics of me in treatment from the past months…
Be well loves!
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G !

Weekend Adventures: Out and About in Georgetown + Sunday Errands for WinniE’s Bakery


Hey guys, happy Wednesday!

This weekend I wanted to keep things simple, but always looking for a little fun. I’m 24 years old, which means no matter how fortunate may or may not be, money is always something I am conscience of. I’ve always been told I was 3 going on 30, an old soul, wise before my time, etc. I have a deeply nostalgic spirit, as grateful as I am for the modern conveniences of today (hint…the iPhone I am using to write this post) I love learning and seeing how things were before, getting a sense of where it all comes from. Now, to tell you about my weekend without getting too sidetracked…I do that sometimes, get lost in my head, take a walkabout in my thoughts. Anyway, this weekend I decided to take a trip to Georgetown, and the result was utterly lovely.

On Saturday: The first stop was the Washington National Cathedral’s 75th “Flower Mart” celebration, which hosted all kinds of wonderful vendors! Then off to walk around Historic Georgetown. We saw the canals, great boutiques, good coffee…very important, visited 2 famous cupcake bakeries or cupcakeries…whatever you want to call them. The last stop was SWEETGREEN! Ohh, how I love SweetGreen!

On Sunday: I started my morning with a little reading, then it was off to my standing morning coffee date with the old “Padre”. Then, I reviewed inventory and discovered I was short some basics. Although, I usually receive my boxes and such via an online company, this weekend my shipment wouldn’t be here for a large order I have, for “Nurse’s Week”!

Here’s a look…



Flower Mart:


That clothing was made of 100% Alpaca


This is Alex and he worked the “Dress It Up Dressing” booth. He was a charismatic and pleasant individual. I had a chance to sample the product and it was delightful and unique. You can find Dress It Up Dressing at MOM (My Organic Food Market) or



This is Maria and her mother Andrea. Andrea is the owner and designer of Andrea’s Beau and Maria is her inspiration. They sell handcrafted, beautifully designed and original head ornaments. My dad bought my niece a head band, which was decorated with crocheted floral accents and delicate little butterflies. It was the perfect choice for her and she LOVED IT! Check out,!



 Lastly, this is Michael. He owns Booda Boutique and they make handmade soaps, which smell EVEN better than Lush! He was so nice and told us all about the Eastern Market, where they also have a booth. You can find out more at their website


Historic Georgetown:


This duck was something else, it was ducking (LOL), shimmying and full on twirling.


A cute pathway of steps…it’s the little things!


I thought this restuarant what too adorable, quaint and really well decorated!


Who doesn’t like a reminder of a some-what contrived, yet lovey “Romantic Comedy”. I mean, honestly who cares…it’s Kate Beckinasle!!!


We stopped by Sprinkles..didn’t get anything, but it looked nice. Do you see what I see…?


More canal…




Dean + Deluca, I bid you farewell. You were fabulous and I shall see you soon!


And then there was Georgetown Cupcakes, aka…DC Cupcakes. Also, take a look at that line.


As the sun went down we headed over to Labyrith Park.


Cady’s Alley: This little gem was hidden away.


The most delightful little SweetGreen you will ever come across. It was a certified “green restaurant”! There is Padre…again (LOL)


Goodnight and goodbye, Georgetown! Let’s do this again soon and next time, maybe a drink at one of your several pubs!


And this is Jermaine. He was honestly one of the coolest people I have ever encountered, so laid-back, so chill!


I got the “Spicy Sabzi” salad…DELISH! I substituted garbanzo beans for the Tofu.



The essentials!


Stocking up!


Michael’s always brings back memories of my nana, Winnie, clear as day. Now off to JoAnn’s!


One of my many “happy places”!

I hope you guys like the post, I know I like sharing things with you!

P.S.: So sorry this took so long to post, it was meant for Monday. You would not believe the technical difficulties I dealt with. Anyway, see you tomorrow for a look at how things were today here at WinniE’s Bakery.

P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G


“Wednesday’s with WinniE’s”

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday!

I thought I would share another piece of myself here on my blog. Did I tell you guys that I own a baking business?! It’s called WinniE’s Bakery. In case you’re wondering why WinniE’s, it is in honor of my grandmother Winifred, who passed in 2004. She was lovely, kind, captivating and authentic! She owned a catering and event planning business. She taught me almost everything I know about baking and I will always hold those memories close to my heart and unforgotten in my mind. WinniE’s Bakery specializes in edible floral infusion, traditional baking, diabetic friendly and Celiac/Gluten-Free sensitive baking. Everything is made from my original recipes. WinniE’s Bakery is sweet, delicious and unique!
Anyway, I thought I would share whatever’s happening with WinniE’s here on the blog on Wednesdays. Let’s get super cheeky… And call it…

“Wednesdays with WinniE’s”

Today we “TEST” baked my “Banana cupcakes w/ Nutella Marshmallow Buttercream topped w/ Crushed Dried Banana”

Hope you guys like it!


Alomst done!



Photo cred. to: My lovely and talented sister-in-law Heidi!

P.S.: They taste delectable! I’ve adjusted the buttercream recipe, to make for a smoother texture. See you next Wednesday!