Wednesday’s with WinniE’s! (June 11th)

Hey guys, happy Wednesday!

This week in WinniE’s Bakery we decided to ‘TEST’ bake an “oldie but goodie”. I have a very BIG event coming up and I want to showcase this flavor as one of the “tasting cupcakes”. I have always loved my “Strawberry Champagne” cupcake, but with this event coming up I wanted to breathe new life into this cupcake recipe. I am all about evolving and trying new things, so I revamped the recipe, and I think I have found the perfect balance of complementing flavors! Or as my dad would say, “All the same players, just new positions!”…my dad and his sports metaphors. Anyway, for those of you who follow WinniE’s Bakery Instagram account @winniesbakery, you know that I said I would reveal my BIG news. Drum roll please…WE ARE THE JUNE FEATURED BAKERY FOR Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry Event, AT COLUMBIA MALL, on June 24th 6-8pm!!! I could not be more grateful and ready for the new opportunities that this will bring to WinniE’s Bakery! I told you guys exciting things were happening with WinniE’s Bakery!

With that said, here is a look at what happened in WinniE’s kitchen today…


A fresh start.


Now for a little bubbly…






I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! I feel like they are ready for the event!!!

I wanted to share with you guys a beautiful occurrence that I witnessed, while I was baking. One of my favortie things on earth is when it rains outside, while the sun is shining!!! It’s breath taking, rare and majestic. I couldn’t have been more excited and grateful to watch such natural beauty.


Until next time. I’ll see you guys next week, for another ‘Wednesday with WinniE’s”!
P E A C E + L O V E + B A K I N G